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Section 3 Words and expressions from unit 2:THE OLYMPIC GAME_煤炭

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【Word文档《Section 3 Words and expressions from unit 2:THE OLYMPIC GAME》正文文本内容概要:】

《Section 3 Words and expressions from unit 2:THE OLYMPIC GAMES》
Section 3 Words and expressions from unit 2
a. 彻底的,完整的,已完成的
v. 完成,使完整
1. I will complete this task soon. 我很快就要完成这项任务了.
2. When will the work be complete? 这项工作什么时候完成?
3. He is a complete scholar. 他是个无懈可击的学者.
4. I only need one volume to complete my set of Dickens's novels.
5. When will the railway be completed? 铁路何时竣工?
6. Complete your application in ink. 用钢笔填申请表.
7. A few words of praise from her would have completed his happiness.
她要是能夸他两句, 他也就心满意足了.
8. When will the building work be complete? 建筑工作何时完成?
take part in
1. He will take part in a chess tournament next week. 下星期,他将要参加一场国际象棋比赛.
2. We are all invited to take part in the pageant. 我们全都被邀请参加这次盛典.
3. The panel was chosen to take part in discussion. 那个专门小组被选中参加讨论.
4. She would sooner resign than take part in such dishonest business deals.
5. He mustered all his courage to take part in the game. 他鼓起全部的勇气参加比赛.
6. Let's take part in the triumphal chorus. 让我们去参加凯歌大合唱吧.
7. In early days only male athletes were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games.
在奥林匹克运动会早期, 只有男性运动员才能参加比赛.
8. We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted.
我们大家都得参加跑步训练, 无人例外.
stand for
1. What does "ESL"stand for? "ESL"代表什么?
2. She also learned a kind of alphabet for the blind, in which different finger positions stand for different letters of the alphabet.
3. I won't stand for his insults any longer. 我再不能容忍他的污辱了.
4. I won't stand for this insolence. 我决不容忍这种傲慢无礼的行为.
v. 允许进入,承认
1. He was admitted to the hospital suffering from burns. 他由于烧伤,被送入医院治疗.
2. This sentence admits of several interpretations. 这个句子可以有多种解释.
3. I must admit, it's more difficult than I thought it would be.
4. His conduct admits of no excuse. 他的行为无可宽恕.
5. He admitted having stolen the car. 他招认偷了那辆汽车.
6. The theatre admits only 250 people. 这家戏院只能容纳250人.
7. The school admits sixty new boys and girls every year. 这所学校每年招收六十名男女新生.
8. I admit my mistake/that I was wrong. 我承认是我的错[我错了].
as well as
(除...之外)也,既...又conj. 以及,又1. The tournament is open to amateurs as well as professionals.
2. Nursing is a vocation as well as a profession. 护理工作既是职业又是救死扶伤的责任. 转载本word文档请注明出处:
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