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阅读表达 (One possible version)
71. The oldest person to climb Mount Everest.
72. The first climbers who reached the top of Mount Everest.
73. He first recorded the location and height of the mountain.
74. Because they were low on oxygen.
75. The effects of climate change and tourism on Mount Everest.
短文改错(One possible version)
Last November a English forum was held in
Busan International High School of South Korea. Students from eight country took part in the forum
representing their schools. I was one of the students in our school who was lucky enough to attend it. At
the opening ceremony of the forum, students from Busan International High School play a lot of Korean traditional
instruments, some of them were really new to us.
The forum was very succeed. Every team did a good
job and they ∧ highly thought of. During our stay
in Korea, what impressed on us most was that Koreans love eating kimchi very much. Besides, in my opinion,
it isn't as deliciously as I had imagined.
书面表达(One possible version)
Dear Tom,
I'm very glad to tell you that we have just moved into a new house recently. Our new house is located in Xinxingyuan Community with a clean and nice environment near a lake. When you enter our community, you will see beautiful flowers, green trees and grass everywhere, just like a beautiful park. After supper, you can enjoy yourself at the community sports center.
Our new house covers an area of 150 square meters with six rooms, which is much bigger than the former one. From my bedroom, I can enjoy a view of the beautiful lake. I sincerely invite you to come to visit my new house, and I'll serve you with nice food and good entertainment.
Best wishes!
Yours sincerely,
Li Hua
21. D.考查冠词.第一个空处unemployment为抽象名词,前面不加任何冠词;第二个空处表示"泛指",用不定冠词.句意为 澳大利亚的经济正在下滑,失业率上升,很可能增加外国人找工作的难度. 转载本word文档请注明出处:
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